New "P-Nutty & Jelly" Coming Soon to Gelson's!

Nate's lunches are gluten free, healthy "to go" lunches for kids!

Nate's Lunches come in tasty
  • Turkey Again
  • Salami Plz
  • Ham A lot
flavors plus more!

"Turkey Again" Lunch!

"Salami Plz" Lunch!

"Ham A lot" Lunch!

Each lunchbox includes a sandwich, fruit, pretzels and a cookie!

About Nate's Lunch

Local mom Annamae Huante had something planted in her heart and mind four years ago in the midst of doing my everyday morning routine. As she tells the story, “The reason I’m so excited is because this was a seed beginning in my heart and tied to the best job of all – being a mom! This idea was a God vision. I pictured it and visualized it everywhere I went. I saw where I would sell it, what the logo would look like, and who would buy it. It stuck with me! Then I heard a message one Sunday at church. My Pastor said, “…if God puts something on your heart and it just doesn’t go away, pray on it. If time goes on and it’s still there, then you should go after it”.

Annamae took that message and began to pursue it. After one year of getting everything in place (packaging, meal presentations, ingredients, tamper-proof plastic ring) and going through all the FDA inspections, Nate’s Lunch has made it through the evaluations and product redesigns to find its way onto the shelf at her favorite grocery stores.

“Since 2007, I’ve been making Nathanael his own lunch every day to take to school. Any time there were picnics, Beach days, birthday parties, and family get-togethers I had to make a separate lunch. Nate has celiac disease and that means he can’t have any food with gluten in it. Nate’s Lunch is the answer for all moms and dads out there that want a healthy gluten-free lunch and want it easy and stress-free. I am a working mom of 4 kids and I know there are some mornings when you just might need to grab and go. I hope Nate’s Lunch becomes a little blessing to your busy morning.“